Y&R~Is Michelle Stafford coming back yet? rss
Y&R~Is Michelle Stafford coming back yet?
12 months ago
I read for Monday spoiler that Avery visit Phyllis and as she leave the room Phyllis moved her hand...OH I HOPE SO!!!

Does anyone have any info on this??
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That was Friday for me (Canada)

There was a woman lying in a bed (the camera was behind the bed/headboard so we could not see her face; it was not Michelle Stafford but some random actress playing Phyllis).

Avery was holding her hand as she was talking to her and when Avery left, she put Phyllis's hand back on the bed and Phyllis kind of moved her hand but I don't think Phyllis will wake up anytime soon.

I heard in May 2014 they are going to reveal what Sharon did so maybe by then they will have recast Phyllis
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I think they're just using a Phyllis lookalike for the scene, not showing her face... I'm about to go watch the episode now on GlobalTV site, so I will see.

I think MS is doing auditions for other roles, like 'Scandals'. An actress like her deserves a role in prime time though it is sad to lose her from Y&R. If she doesn't return to Y&R I think there will be a replacement. But she hasn't ruled out returning, I guess it depends what other opportunities she gets.

*Edit - I just watched, yeh they just showed some red hair and her hand, no face, Avery didn't see the hand move it was the final scene. Could've been anyone in the bed wearing a wig.
Where did you read that spoiler and I see on another persons question you mentioned how in a spoiler Michael and Carmine are suppose to be related? I have not see that posted anywhere. It would be nice if Phyllis woke up and put an end to Sharon
I bet the actress they are using to sit in is the actress who played Melanie.. I think they should recast Phyllis with either Angelica Bridges or Amber Smith.. Either one would fit the bombshell description that Phyllis was.
Have not read or seen anything pertaining to MS returning IF she were ....I am sure this would be top and breaking news in the soap opera world until she emerges from her coma ..... then everything is rumor's I still believe MS and JFP working together might have been a problem, there could be a little of Phyllis in MS and then we all know how we feel about JFP.
I think it will probably just show her from the back/side where we can't see her face. It'll be a stand-in actress like they had a couple weeks ago.
Remember when Sharon had a dream that Phyllis was in her living room and all we saw was her back and long red hair. It'll be that lady again and all we see is her hair and arm/hand.
When she announced that she was leaving, she gave them some names of some other great actresses that could play her part. She said she wanted to pursue other things. I don't believe Michelle Stafford will be returing as Phyllis but I think Phyliss will be returning!
I think she will return if her acting on prime time doesn't pan out. I read in the Soap opera digest, that the role is open for her, and she hasn't closed the door on coming back. Ihope she does: ) who really knows?
No, MIchelle isn't coming back.Ever.She is done with the soap.but they may
recast her.She just is too intricate to the storyline to be left like that.
I told you people before MS will be back either by Nov sweeps or by May Sweeps at worst, either way I think she's coming back. Phyliss IS coming back, they wouldn't show her in the hospital room starting to show signs of waking up if they weren't planning bringing her back asap, I say by Nov Phyliss will be back.
I read on line she is not coming back. tha makes me so sad.
Wishful thinking but I don't think Michelle will be back.
Probably not. I think she may not come back at all this time.